Creative growth group – heal your femininity

Many amongst us carry deep wounds inside when it comes to being a woman, especially when you experienced abuse in any way or form. In this creative growth group we dive into themes like femininity and self-worth, boundaries, giving yourself the right to exist, female sexuality, experiencing sisterhood/connection, getting to know the wounded child and the godly child within.

Women’s group

The benefit of this women’s group is the focus on noticing and expressing what you encounter in the moment while doing something creative. It allows you to experience the heaviness you may have had around certain topics becomes lighter. Completely different from what you had thought, because that is what creativity does, it opens new doors, takes away obstacles.

We do creative writing, painting, drawing, drama and theatre, dancing and voice exercises … Through these creative exercises we practice to stay lovingly present with yourself and for the other women in the group. You can feel the support of the others and move towards a life where your trauma’s and wounds no longer are a burden, but have become a powerful strength. It is possible, even for you! Or… how to transform your deepest pain into your biggest strength!

The group consists of max. 4 women. It is a healing, therapeutic programme.

Where? Moving Magic, Holsbeeksesteenweg 80, Kessel-Lo
Bus stop at 20 m: “Pie de Nijper” [Bus 2, passes every 10 minutes!]
There is parking in the street, or a parking lot at 100m: across from Schoolbergenstraat!

free info session: December 5 at 2 p.m. [half an hour]
5 sessions on Saturday afternoon from 2 pm – 4:15 pm
2021: January 9 -16 – 23 – 30 – February 6

for the whole course: 193 eur
early bird [sign up before Dec 14]: 180 eur

Sign up or more info? through * or 0499 22 16 84 [no iMessage/Whatsapp!]
* I usually reply within 24h, do check your spam if you seem to not hear back from me *