Creative therapy

During a session creative therapy we dive into a topic that you choose. The therapist tunes into you and is lovingly present for you. This safe setting allows you to express yourself with words, but also with colours, clay, voice . It brings a deep form of healing.

Discover the magic within yourself…

Creative therapy goes beyond words. Some things we cannot express in words, because they are too intense or simply because we are unconscious about certain feelings, convictions or old memories. We then only know that something “does not feel right” or something feels stuck. By experimenting with colour or movement, drama or voice exercises, clay or music, you can bring aspects of yourself to light in a spontaneous way. No need to dig deep into your past – the insights and liberation come naturally. It leads to surprising transformations, almost magic…

Creative therapy, for whom?

Creative therapy works for everybody, especially for people who think it is not their thing! The unique aspect about this form of therapy is the therapist tuning in to what you need. It is a very versatile form of therapy. The therapist is very present and guides you through the exercises, constantly asking for feedback. 

Practical information

Where? Moving Magic, Holsbeeksesteenweg 80, 3010 Kessel-Lo
Bus stop at 20 m: “Pie de Nijper” [Bus 2, passes every 10 minutes!]
There is parking in the street, or a parking lot at 100m: across from Schoolbergenstraat!

Price? A session costs 75 euro for 1.5 hours of creative therapy – including costs for material. Social discount is possible. E-mail me for more information.

If a shorter / longer session is appropriate, this can be discussed. 

Sign up? through * or 0499 22 16 84 [no iMessage/Whatsapp!] or using the general contact form below.

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