Meditative creative

Creating is liberating… it is relaxing, and it leads you back to the spontaneous being you really are!

What is meditative creative?

We always begin with a short sharing round, followed by a guided meditation. Then we go on a creative journey by, for example, intuitive drawing or painting, creative writing, drawing a mandala, painting stones, dancing, improvisation theatre… In that I lovingly guide you through the processes you encounter, in order for you to be able to connect to yourself on a deeper level.

Sometimes it is hard to be creative on your own, these sessions can be a great inspiration to get started and get your creative flow going! I can give some advice as to how to nourish your creativity at home.

You get to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation and on top of that you discover your creative self, the spontaneous creator within. An original way to connect more deeply to yourself and to tap into your intuition.

Because creativity WORKS!

The creative process is liberating and invites to open your heart. You can connect to your subconscious, tap into a kind of “being” where you do not need to know anything, where you are totally free to follow your own flow. Every time is different, every time you discover new things. It is a surprising, pure, liberating process.

You awaken your senses, you become more sensitive, you gain consciousness in daily life which makes daily choices and solving problems go more easily, there is more lightness, spontaneity and joy, it becomes easier to tap into your source of wisdom, intuition and sense of purpose, you become more one with yourself.

Last but not least: you do not need any kind of special talent – EVERYBODY has creativity inside. You are definitely no exception to that! Most people have these voices in their head that say: I am not creative or “not my thing”, but we are all born creative explorers … Come and experience it yourself!


Where? Moving Magic, Holsbeeksesteenweg 80, Kessel-Lo
Bus stop at 20 m: “Pie de Nijper” [Bus 2, passes every 10 minutes!]
There is parking in the street, or a parking lot at 100m: across from Schoolbergenstraat!

***corona: currently group therapy is allowed. The safety distance of 1,5m can be guaranteed during the classes, the room is well aired. Please also bring your face mask. ***
Thursday evening:  8 p.m. – 9:45 p.m

Try out: 15 euro

Price per session:
23 euro [including material]
5-pass: 107 euro

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