Pregnancy yoga

During pregnancy there is so much happening in you, both physically and emotionally! Pregnancy yoga helps to find inner peace despite or in the middle of the intensity you might experience. It helps to connect to your body, and to prepare for what is coming in your own intuitive way.

Moving Magic pregnancy yoga

My intention is to offer you a moment of quality time for yourself. A time to come home to yourself, to relax, to deeply connect to your body and to your baby.

The meditations, gentle movements and stretches you learn will help you relax and deal better with daily stress and tensions, emotions and turbulence. Also, they will help you feel more confident about giving birth. Especially if you suffer from discomfort, pregnancy yoga can help.

At Moving Magic you can be sure of a personal approach. I teach small groups so I can better tune in to what you need.  

Is pregnancy yoga safe?

Pregnancy yoga is different from “normal yoga”. The postures have been studied and adapted. The goal is for you to feel better, to enjoy your pregnancy [even] more. Even if it is your first time yoga, you can safely do this. There is a lot of attention to the meditative aspect, connecting to your body, breathing and moving from there. My teaching style is by definition very gentle.  I choose to only teach small groups, so you are sure to get a personal approach.

You can sign up after week 14 of your pregnancy [the first 14 weeks it is better to take it very easy so your body can adapt] and if your medical doctor has given a positive advice. The earlier you start, the more you will benefit from it. You can continue practicing pregnancy yoga until the very end of your pregnancy!


Where? Moving Magic, Holsbeeksesteenweg 80, 3010 Kessel-Lo
Bus stop at 20 m: “Pie de Nijper” [Bus 2, passes every 10 minutes!]
There is parking in the street, or a parking lot at 100m: across from Schoolbergenstraat!


***corona: the safety distance of 1,5m can be guaranteed during the classes, the room is well aired. ***

Monday evening: 8:15 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
* January: 4 – 11 – 18 – 25
* February: 1 – 8 – 15 – 22
* March: 1 – 8 – 15 – 22

Tuesday morning: 10 – 11:15 a.m.
* January: 5 – 12 – 19 – 26
* February: 2 – 9 – 16 – 23
* March: 2 – 9 – 16 – 23

Wednesday evening: 8 – 9:15 p.m.
* January: 6 – 13 – 20 – 27
* February: 3 – 10 – 17 – 24
* March: 3 – 10 – 17 – 24

Thursday evening: 6:30 – 7:45 p.m.
* January: 7 – 14 – 21 – 28
* February: 4 – 11 – 18 – 25
* March: 4 – 11 – 18 – 25

You can sign up for a series of 4 classes [60 eur] or for a seperate class [16 eur per class]. Please sign up at least two days in advance.
If you sign up for a 2nd series, you get a 5% discount.

If the time or day does not suit you well, let me know. It is possible to schedule different times if other people are interested.

Sign up? Since spaces are limited, please sign up in advance by e-mailing or filling out the form below * I usually reply within 24h, do check your spam if you do not hear back from me *

    What to bring? yoga mat [if you have one] and bath towel

    Practical arrangements:

    * you can transfer the fee to account number BE26 8919 3401 4929 in advance or pay cash
    * the class starts on time. Please be 5 minutes early, so you can settle in.
    * if you miss a class and you signed up for a course of pregnancy yoga, you can catch up in a next course or during a normal yoga class [max. 2 times] 
    * no fees are refunded
    * At Moving Magic you get a professional approach. However, Moving Magic and its employees cannot be held accountable for any accidents, physical or material damage.