Woman power

This course focuses on discovering the power of your menstrual cycle. Many of us experience the monthly cycle more as a burden rather than a gift. Our culture also drives us to continue going, to get rid of physical issues as soon as possible, to go after more male goals [working hard and having little time for yourself]. BUT… did you know that your menstrual cycle gives a lot of information and direction about how you can better manage your life?

Your female nature is your best ally

Every phase in your cycle comes with certain qualities – things you are better at in that moment – and, inevitably, things that then you have less energy and attention for. By growing your awareness about these different phases, you can plan more efficiently and be more productive in your daily life!

With this course I would mainly like to awaken your curiosity about your own cycle and the changes your experience, on a monthly basis, but also throughout your life as a woman. Allowing you to discover what ailments are trying to tell you, and if you might be able to find qualities in what you used to experience as a burden. Or how your menstrual cycle can become the key to living more up to your unique potential!

PMS as a power?

The famous PMS is a classic amongst the female ailments. Many women suffer greatly because of it. However, these PMS symptoms hold a lot of information about pains you may still heal within yourself, about [important!] messages that you have swallowed, and you may still speak up about, about boundaries that you may set more clearly, about where in your life you may improve certain aspects, in order to live up to your potential, become more true to yourself – to name a few.

Natural birth control

Another advantage of getting to know your menstrual cycle is creating the possibility for yourself to practice natural birth control. In order not to get pregnant, or vice versa, in order to get pregnant as you planned it. Because you learn to feel and know when your fertile days are. In this course “Woman power” I do not focus on natural birth control, that would be a different course, but if you have any questions, I can tell you all about it!

“Woman power”

As to the content of this course: I give some theory and reading tips about the menstrual cycle and the patterns, together with some homework [so you do need to be committed!]. I also give some creative input to help discover how you feel about your femininity and how you experience your cycle, to express yourself as a woman, to address blockages. Of course there is also time for sharing experiences. I am there to support and coach where needed in a gentle way. The group is limited to 6 women.

For whom?
Girls and women who are menstruating

free info session: February 6 at 5:30 p.m.
3 Saturdays from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
February 27 – March 6 – 13

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