Yoga for teenagers

A yoga class for teenager girls of 14 years or older. The ideal opportunity to find inner peace. I always teach small groups so it stays coronaproof, and it allows the flexibility to adapt the class to what you need or wish.

Mindfulness and yoga

We practice mindfulness, but most of all we will be doing gentle movements and stretches to help get in tune with your body. That way restlessness or over-stimulation can settle down, allowing you to get back into your body. I generally teach gentle yoga, meaning that we take it easy. However, on request I can make the class more intense, doing more of a power yoga class!

No experience is needed .You do not have to be flexible, or spiritual, or … you are welcome just the way you are, even if you do not feel well. And if you have any questions or doubt, do not hesitate to contact me at

* yoga for teenagers:
Tuesday 5:30 p.m. – 6:35 p.m. new classes – starting April 20

Where? Moving Magic, Holsbeeksesteenweg 80, 3010 Kessel-Lo

* try out= 5 eur
* separate class = 12 eur
* 10-pass [9+1 for free]= 108 eur

What to bring?
* yoga mat [if you have one]
* towel
* water

If the price is the only reason to not sign up, send me an e-mail, and then we can see what we can do!

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