Assertiveness – individual sessions

By practicing how to set boundaries and how to be more assertive, you liberate the authentic power within yourself. It helps you to feel stronger in daily life and have more self-confidence facing interactions and challenges.


Individual sessions power and resilience are tailor-made sessions helping you to develop assertiveness and self-confidence. We work with simple exercises to set boundaries, make yourself be heard, and if you like, how tot defend yourself physically.

Especially if you had negative experiences, it can be quite a challenge to get your power back. These sessions support you to face fears in your own time, and to develop a more solid basis for yourself and a healthy way of assertiveness. The exercises are adapted to your own needs. We could work with creative exercises to unblock certain obstacles and work around fears or other emotions you encounter. We could use voice expression to help you gain confidence in expressing yourself verbally. We could work with body oriented exercises to learn about body language or physically release blocked energies. We could work with self defense techniques helping you to physically defend yourself when someone is threatening you or trying to hurt you. We also work with drama therapy: playing out situations and practicing how you would want to react. I explain some basic principles, but mainly I focus on discovering and empowering your own form of assertiveness.

Tailor-made assertiveness training

I continueally ask for feedback, allowing us to easily adapt and tune in. If you would like to take on the challenge facing a male energy, that is possible. It feels very different to work with a man. If you can experience your power and your ability to stay strong facing a man despite any triggers that might come up, it liberates and empowers you. This way you can go one step further from the safe zone we first build up together. My assistant is familiar with this kind of work and he is a very safe person to work with. Also here, we can start off by doing exercises at a distance, focusing more on energetic work of verbal exercises, or we can practice physical self-defense techniques.

A session is 1.5 hours and costs 75 euros.

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