Self-defense for transgenders and gender variant persons

As transgender or gender variant person you sometimes encounter very explicit forms of violence, both verbally and physically. In this course we take you along to grow in self-confidence, to improve your body langauge and to learn about what you can do to de-escalate situations and keep yourself safe if something happens.

Why self-defense for transgenders and gender variant persons?

Unfortunately violence against transgenders is very common. Numbers differ, but some research says up to 79 % of transgendrs experiences violence in one way or another. That is a disturbingly high number!

This is why we offer this course for you. It is a no-nonsense course about self-defense and assertiveness focusing on the specific forms of violence that transgenders and gender variant persons encounter. You learn how to identify dangerous situations and avoid them. You also train effective defense techniques and principles that work for YOU. On top of that you learn about mindset, body language, verbal communication to improve the general assertiveness and situational awareness. In this course there is attention for each individual: it has to work in daily life, it has to work for you! The approach and techniques are adapted where needed. There is room for feedback, so everyone can feel safe and get the most out of this course.

The idea of this self-defense course is primarily to wake up the power within yourself, improving your body language and inner feeling of self-confidence when you walk down the street. You are introduced to some basic principles that can improve your feeling of safety, and your general safety. You also learn about self-control and emotional regulation, which are essential parts of effective self-defense and communication. You are also challenged to practice and train physical techniques that work for you and your body, in case someone attacks you. Knowing that you can DO something when needed, helps a lot in feeling more confident and safe.

Programme of this self-defense course

The course is led by Magali, Patrick and their assistents. Magali takes care of the general safety in the group, where respect is key, which allows each participant to relax and fully dive into the experience. She guides you through exercises to explore your body awareness, your body language, your mindset. She talks about basic assertiveness and non-violent communication, and about how to regulate your emotions in order to react in a controlled way in challenging situations. There is room for sharing, feedback, talking about experiences or sharing experiences.

Patrick van Vlasselaer, a man with more than 50 jaar of experience in self-defense, teaches the physical techniques and principles you can use if something happens. He also talks about the law, what you can do and what you cannot do. He has an impressive background knowledge and skills to share, which allows him to adapt to each individual  in order to get the best out of them. He works with a no-nonsense attitude, which means: the things you train, must work, also in real life. It does not make sense to train techniques you would never use or be able to use in a real-life situation. That is why we practice these realistic scenarios. And none of your questions will stay unanswered.

It is a unique course since we combine psychological aspects with physical training. So, this course is more than a “general self-defense course”. On top the teacher of one of Belgium’s most experienced professionals in self-defense. Patrick combines his knowledge and background of many different styles of self-defense and martial arts. Magali being a sexual violence survivor, with a background as a therapist and assertiveness trainer, is an inspiring companion for everyone who wants to grow in self-confidence, inner power and self-worth. You can read more about Magali here, and more about Patrick here.

Practical information Self-defense for transgenders and gender variant persons

The course consists of 7 sessions Saturdays, guided by 2 main teachers and 2 assistants.

NIVEAU 1A: focus on basic assertiveness and standing self-defense for TRANSGENDERS AND GENDER VARIANT PERSONS

January 14 – 21 – 28 – February 4 – 11 – 18 – March 4, 2023

Time: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. [Session on Jan 21, 28, Feb 11, 18 & March 4 last until 3:30 p.m.]

Location: Sportschuur Wilsele, Brandweg 8, 3012 Wilsele

Price: 201 euro if you sign up BEFORE December 1, 2022 – 211 euro if you sign up after. Optional insurance is excluded in this price and costs 8 eur p.p. Please sign up BEFORE January 10, 2023

Sign up: send an e-mail to Magali at or fill out the contact form below.