Women's circle

Women’s circle

A gathering of likeminded women. Just women. Sharing what wants to be shared and deepening your experience by diving into a creative exercise. Discovering new layers within yourself. Every month, another topic.

What you can expect from this women’s circle

An opportunity to be real and authentic, in a small group. An opportunity to speak and express your truth without censorship, to discover what touches you, what inspires you, what warms your heart, what weighs on you, where your fire resides and what it wants you to do, what your intuition or your soul wants to tell you, what you need to connect even more to the radiant and pure power within, … A place where you are welcome with all there is. Because it is so nourishing, liberating, and creates space for a deep encounter with yourself, with your authentic being.

Gathering and spending time together to connect – women have always done this, through the ages. Because it brings us so much, to be able to settle in and let go of the daily worries, to feel what is alive in us and what asks for attention. Sometimes it is laughter, sometimes it is a tear… Mostly I want to take you along to discover your light potential, to look beyond concepts of light and dark, stories and blockages, and to get in touch with something deeper, the essence in yourself.

Programm creative women’s circle

We start with a connecting meditation to arrive, followed by a sharing round. After that we dive in a topic using colours, movement, clay, writing or other forms of expression, and we end with another meditation to integrate it all. The topics you can find below, next to the dates. However, they can change depending on what is needed in the group, so be prepared to let them go…

If the weather allows, we might go outside for a part of the session and sit around a fire.

There is a topic and a programm each time. However, most of all there is room and attention for each woman and what is needed in that moment.

Practical information “Creative women’s circle”

Currently postponed to later dates – contact me at if you are interested!