Yoga workshops

Yoga workshops

Moving Magic offers workshops on several interesting topics. They are meant for everyone, no matter what gender or sex. Only

Women's circle

Women’s circle

A gathering of likeminded women. Just women. Sharing what wants to be shared and deepening your experience by diving into


Self-defense for transgenders and gender variant persons

As transgender or gender variant person you sometimes encounter very explicit forms of violence, both verbally and physically. In this

Vrouwenkracht groeigroep

Women empowerment group

If you do not feel so comfortable in you own skin or you feel like you have never been able

Individual therapy

During a therapy session we dive into a topic that you choose. The therapist tunes into you and is present

Self-defense for girls and women

This course is designed for girls and women who want to improve their physical and emotional resilience and assertiveness.A down

Pregnancy yoga

During pregnancy there is so much happening in you, both physically and emotionally! Pregnancy yoga helps to find inner peace

Gentle yoga

Gently coming home to yourself and in your body. Tapping into your breath and deeply relaxing, charging yourself. Allowing the