creatief met eetstoornissen

Creative with eating disorders

An eating disorder can put your whole life upside down. Dealing with this complex issue is not easy. Maybe creative

Menstruation power

This course focuses on discovering the power of your menstrual cycle and your unique female potential, healing of pains and

Creative workshop for teenagers

A time for yourself to be creative with topics that are alive for you right now. Creative therapy in a

Yoga for teenagers

A yoga class for teenager girls of 14 years or older. The ideal opportunity to find inner peace. I always

Creative therapy

During a session creative therapy we dive into a topic that you choose. The therapist tunes into you and is

Creative therapy – heal your femininity

Many amongst us carry deep wounds inside when it comes to being a woman, especially when you experienced abuse in

Self-defense for girls and women

This course is designed for girls and women who want to improve their physical and emotional resilience and assertivity.A down

Meditative creative

Creating is liberating... it is relaxing, and it leads you back to the spontaneous being you really are! What is

Pregnancy yoga

During pregnancy there is so much happening in you, both physically and emotionally! Pregnancy yoga helps to find inner peace

Gentle yoga

Gently coming home to yourself and in your body. Tapping into your breath and deeply relaxing, charging yourself. Allowing the