Welcome at Moving Magic! A creative center for girls and women. A place where you can [re]discover the hidden treasures within yourself. Where you can honour your female body and soul. See you soon!

Gentle yoga and pregnancy yoga

Gently coming home into your body. Relaxing... Moving, breathing and stretching in a lovingly and mindful way.

Meditative creative and growth groups

Creating makes you feel more free. It is healing. [Re]Discover the child whithin you and follow your own flow. Mindfulness and creativity all-in-one. Surprise yourself with your intuitive creations!

Creative therapy

Diving into a topic that asks for your attention in a creative way. Finding ways to express subconscious parts of yourself and releasing your potential!

Our offer

Woman power

Discover the power of your menstrual cycle

Creative workshop for teenagers

Express yourself in a creative way!

Yoga for teenagers

A class specifically for teenagers. Coming home to your body, finding some rest within.

Creative therapy

Dive into a topic that you struggle with. Discover how you can transform in a creative way.

Creative growth group – heal your femininity

Explore your own femininity and discover your feminine power.

Self-defense for women

Boost your physical and emotional assertivity with this tailor-made self-defense course.

Meditative creative

Creating is liberating... Connect to the spontaneous, playful you and discover your own flow! It might be surprising!

Pregnancy yoga

Connect to your body honouring the new life growing in you. Gently moving and stretching, breathing together.

Gentle yoga

Gently coming home to yourself and in your body. Moving and stretching on the rhythm of your breath. Relax and recharge yourself.

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About Magali

Warrior of light

Hello! I am Magali. 36 years old. A woman with a mission.

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