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Currently Moving Magic is taking a break to recharge and get ready for even more powerful workshops and sessions. For now all sessions are suspended until further notice.

Our offer

Gentle yoga

Gentle yoga

Relax and recharge yourself moving and stretching, listening to your breath.

Individual therapy

Dive into a topic that you struggle with. Discover how you can transform in a creative way.

Pregnancy yoga

Gently moving and stretching, connecting to your body and to the new life growing within.

Self-defense for women

Boost your physical and emotional assertivity with this tailor-made self-defense course.

Vrouwenkracht groeigroep

Women empowerment group

Creative journey to explore your relationship with your own womanhood. Freeing your inner power.

Women's circle

Women’s circle

A gathering amongst women, to connect to yourself and express it in creative ways.

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